Project First Eco-cluster and ECONEUARK blockchain platform

REAL ESTATE TOKENIZATION! 50% DISCOUNT IN JULY! All holders of the ECOEC token are paid dividends (in ECOECTRON tokens)

Project First Eco-cluster

The ECONEUARK platform (EcoEarthCoin token)

Our project has released the EcoEarthCoin (ECOEC) token with secured suburban real estate. The project includes a blockchain platform called ECONEUARK.

We are working to create modern eco-friendly real estate over the world using investments from the sale of ECOEC tokens.

All project partners on the ECONEUARK platform will be able to buy real estate, goods and services for ECOEC tokens.

The buyer of the token is guaranteed not to lose his investments, because he can always buy land and other suburban real estate of the First Eco-cluster project for ECOEC tokens.

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ECONEUARK platform

is a decentralized platform for investment in suburban real estate based on Blockchain and SmartContracts. This is a unique blockchain platform that combines with a crypto community on the one hand, and real estate developers, property owners, contractor (trade) organizations, on the other hand, which allows living in your own house, becoming the owner of the suburban real estate in any part of the planet.

To find a plot of land and a country house. You can access our database of selling property around the world, including our partners and to property in Eco-clusters (land and house). The ECOEC Token gives its owner the right to participate in the tokenization of project’s real estate objects and become their owner.

For project participants we will provide the opportunity to take part in the 3D tour “to visit” real estate objects at all stages of construction.

To buy tokens EcoEarthCoin (ECOEC). To perform transparent and secure transactions using SmartContracts to acquire tokens EcoEarthCoin

You will be aware of all events, get the opportunity to become a partner or domestic representative of the project.

EcoEarthCoin – this is the worlds first criptocurrency secured by plots of land.


Token symbol – ЕCOЕС Token name – EcoEarthCoin
Quantity – 50 000 000 ECOEC Blockchain – Ethereum
Token standard – ERC-20
Token Contract – 0xe1d4d57b24dbfc5dd814f852749c34d37f5b898d

Token symbol – ЕCOЕС Token name – ECOECTRON
Quantity – 500 000 000 000 ECOECTRON Blockchain – TRON
Token standard – TRC-10

ECOECTRON Token was created to pay for goods and services on the ECONEUARK platform. ECOECTRON token buyer can exchange it for ECOEC token. 1 EcoEarthCoin = 10,000 ECOECTRON.


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Pre-ICO and ICO

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Development Fund

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Project team

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Token sale

ICO is over.

Tokenization of real estate: from July 1 to June 30, 2020 (365 days) – a unique opportunity to get EcoEarthCoin tokens with 50% discount at the initial stage and 15% at the final stage and additional discounts for volumes from 10 to 40%

5.5 million ECOEC for sale.

The First ECO-cluster project (ECONEUARK) needs 3 bitcoins to exit to IEO. The project offers 1000 investors to buy a share of 0.003 Bitcoin = $ 35
Roadmap: an investor buys a ECOECTRON token under a smart contract for 1100 TRX ($ 35)
or transfers Ethereum to the wallet of project 0x7A30d16B3088b9B3c7cab22ca25860eb22d0e4f1 in an amount of 0.12 ETH ($ 35)
1. within 24 hours – 100 ECOEC + 100,000 ECOECTRON
2. From the first sales of the token to IEO back its $ 35
3. 0.02% of the sale of tokens on the IEO exchange included in the TOP-20 rating of exchanges + on sales during the month listing on it the ECOEC token (c sales of tokens by the project itself) but not more than $ 350



Project team

Шелехов Сергей

Shelekhov Sergey

Entrepreneur with 27 years of experience. Founder and CEO of six companies and many projects

Valentina Zakharenko

Head of the Department for Search and Conclusion of Cooperation Agreements with Project Partners, Owners of Plots of land and Contracting Organizations.

Maxim Dobrynin

SMM manager
Social networks, design, content, targeted advertising (VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki).

Andrey Kargashinskiy

Project Lead in Europe
Overall health of the project, project development and working with partners and stakeholders in Europe. Andrey is a Full-Stack Website Developer and Blockchain Engineer.

Kanaev Konstantin

Regional Representative
Regional representative of the project in Novosibirsk, a crypto enthusiast, an expert of airdrop and bounty campaigns


Andrei Kaigorodtsev

Andrei Kaigorodtsev

Organizer of healthcare, general director and chief physician of the Medical and Diagnostic Complex OOO DNA Center, Kurgan.
Kovalzhin Evgeny

Kovalzhin Evgeny

Investor and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the field of marketing and consulting. He is also a successful leader with 5 years of experience in the MLM industry with more than 5,000 of subordinates. Founder and SEO of iNetworkInternationalGroup and CashbackNetworks. Certified business coach and motivational speaker.
Vasily Sharuev

Vasily Sharuev

Founder and Director of SvetToch LLC. He received his first higher education in Religion Studies in St. Petersburg State University of Arts, received a second higher education in RANEPA. Barrow on signs of jurisprudence. Partner of the project First Eco-claster since 2011.
Nikolay Obletsov

Nikolay Obletsov

Honored Builder of Russia. Experienced specialist in finances. The head of the Tyumen branch of First Eco-cluster project.
Boris Medvedev

Boris Medvedev

Engineer, head of the company and partner of the ESTO project (Energy Saving Technologies and Equipment), specialist in alternative energy field.
Victor Belov

Victor Belov

Investor, consultant of the project First Eco-cluster.
Alexey Borisov

Alexey Borisov

Graduated building specialist. An experienced organizer, expert and entrepreneur with many years of experience.
Maksimov Ilya

Maksimov Ilya

Deputy General Director of LLC "First floor". Construction, repair.

Plaksin Dmitry

Technical advizor for the implementation of ECONEUARK platform. Certified blockchain developer.

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