Project First Eco-cluster and ECONEUARK blockchain platform

REAL ESTATE TOKENIZATION! 50% DISCOUNT! All holders of the ECOEC token are paid dividends (in ecoectron tokens and project partners)!! Buyers of tokens for tokenization will receive additional dividends!!!

Project First Eco-cluster

The ECONEUARK platform (EcoEarthCoin token)

Our project has released the EcoEarthCoin (ECOEC) token with secured suburban real estate. The project includes a blockchain platform called ECONEUARK.

We are working to create modern eco-friendly real estate over the world using investments from the sale of ECOEC tokens.

All project partners on the ECONEUARK platform will be able to buy real estate, goods and services for ECOEC tokens.

The buyer of the token is guaranteed not to lose his investments, because he can always buy land and other suburban real estate of the First Eco-cluster project for ECOEC tokens.

ECONEUARK platform

is a decentralized platform for investment in suburban real estate based on Blockchain and SmartContracts. This is a unique blockchain platform that combines with a crypto community on the one hand, and real estate developers, property owners, contractor (trade) organizations, on the other hand, which allows living in your own house, becoming the owner of the suburban real estate in any part of the planet.

To find a plot of land and a country house. You can access our database of selling property around the world, including our partners and to property in Eco-clusters (land and house). The ECOEC Token gives its owner the right to participate in the tokenization of project’s real estate objects and become their owner.

For project participants we will provide the opportunity to take part in the 3D tour “to visit” real estate objects at all stages of construction.

To buy tokens EcoEarthCoin (ECOEC). To perform transparent and secure transactions using SmartContracts to acquire tokens EcoEarthCoin

You will be aware of all events, get the opportunity to become a partner or domestic representative of the project.

Project representatives

Zare Shahram Reza @shahramam_zz Iran, Shahed Ahmed @Dugn123 Vietnam, @econeuarkmyanmar Myanmar, …

Silvester Amobi @Pasaift Nigeria, Abdul Mutalib @abdulmutalib4g41 Indonesia, Aguirre Samuel Torrenmocha @okane999 Philippines, …

EcoEarthCoin – this is the worlds first criptocurrency secured by plots of land.


Token symbol – ЕCOЕС Token name – EcoEarthCoin
Quantity – 50 000 000 ECOEC Blockchain – Ethereum
Token standard – ERC-20
Token Contract – 0xe1d4d57b24dbfc5dd814f852749c34d37f5b898d

Token symbol – ЕCOЕС Token name – ECOECTRON
Quantity – 500 000 000 000 ECOECTRON Blockchain – TRON
Token standard – TRC-10

ECOECTRON Token was created to pay for goods and services on the ECONEUARK platform. ECOECTRON token buyer can exchange it for ECOEC token. 1 EcoEarthCoin = 10,000 ECOECTRON.


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Pre-ICO and ICO

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Development Fund

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Project team

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0x23397CdEDd44cB4e3cE24b41745E72D843e6B3A3 – Indonesia

0xe47B5dc559688aE194EA42e28F3d87B3d56d73B4 – Nigeria

0x17353Bd2bE356a1a5d4d224A73B722F3FFC04E54 – Vietnam

 0xa4103C12C1572413558558be78F4024DC3EE49F0 – Iran

 0x15f95880e8e1004a4BB4b56B870f2f2fa39E3909 – Belarus

0xcE9d0165E5bD7e67Fed0F94d186d03Fb450F10ed – China

0x2f2dCad7f3c7D9671A0bBEb48e99Dc2BE8bf45A2 – India

0xA19E568b9706E960D0715001edAa2b525c510A74 – Bangladesh

0x9cf014F95b1A7587E82c97f5a4b5A83cD3E3cD70 – Kazakhstan

0x44a30f0F8c4752FEb0F6CC8d748f9c393C29DAE7 – Egypt


Token sale

ICO is over.

The first stage of object tokenization: from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 (365 days) — a unique opportunity to get EcoEarthCoin tokens with a 50% discount at the initial stage and 15% at the final stage. THE STAGE IS OVER.

ECO EC tokens can be bought and sold on the exchange:!/trade/ECOEC-ETH

or by paying to the official wallet of the project-0x7654b70fFD359De7939ba3Baa6FFf0bd18db0cac and informing about it by email to —


THE PASSPORT OF THE OBJECT. COUNTRY: Russia, CITY: Tyumen, The name of the microdistrict: Ecoposyolok-Ozerny, Area: 91 Ha, Quantity of plots: 417 (about: 55 Ha)
Cadastral numbers – 72:17:0808003:5838 to 72:17:0808003:6227
The state of the object is paragraph 7.2. (Page 22)

Investing (tokenization) in:

1) buying plots
2) Construction of Infrastructure: fencing of the area, landscaping, paving roads, lake creation 9.5 Ha with recreation areas, gasification, electrification, lighting, etc.
3) Construction of 417 houses with an area of 90-110 sq.m. “Full construction”.
INVESTMENT – $17 475 mln. US / $ 15 (1ECOEC = 0.075ETH) = 1,165,000 ECOEC.

PROFIT: $ 5766129

(all calculations can be obtained by filling out the form on the website or by sending the request on


– an investor buys an ECOEC token (Ethereum) by transferring some sum ETH to the wallet of Ecoposyolok-Ozerny microdistrict: 0xF46502892e7E0E99009aCFe0c112F402cf3783bB . This wallet was specially created for tokenizing.

– or an investor buys an ECOECTRON token (Tron) by transferring some sum TRX to the wallet of Ecoposyolok-Ozerny microdistrict: TNtHzfgWpQ1B9cKyUu9JUr4kcmQHof3gv1 . This wallet was specially created for tokenizing.

– within 24 hours, the investor receives ECOEC (ECOECTRON) project tokens in his wallet at a cost of 1ECOEC = 0.015ETH (Tron at the rate of 1ECOEC = 10000ECOECTRON)

– the investor’s wallet is entered into the register of investors of the Ecoposyolok-Ozerny microdistrict.

PASSPORT OF THE OBJECT. Country: Russia, CITY: Kurgan, The name of the microdistrict: Ecoposyolok, Area – 46Га Number of plots – 200 (about 30ga), Cadastral numbers – 45:08:022101:747 to 45:08:022101:856 (first stage)
The state of the object – p. 7.2. (p. 22)) 
Investing (tokenization) in
1. Purchase of land in the ownership of the project;
2. Construction of infrastructure: fencing neighborhood with entrance group, two small lakes with recreation areas, bridge over the river, Playground, sauna, cafe-shop, Church, landscaping and lighting of streets and Park areas, gasification and electrification, access road and streets in a sandy design, dam;
3. Construction of 200 houses with an area of 90-110 sq.m. “turnkey”.

INVESTMENTS – $5.67 million / $15 (1ECOEC = 0.075 ETH) = 377 777 ECOEC.
PROFIT – $1935000
(all calculations can be obtained by filling out the form for tokenization of objects on the website or on request by mail


– an investor buys an ECOEC token (Ethereum) by transferring some sum to the wallet of Ecoposyolok microdistrict: 0xF1ae6bcEe6cdc8d4F5f641CBe32a22fc5efD4417. This wallet was specially created for tokenizing.

– or an investor buys an ECOECTRON token (Tron) by transferring some sum to the wallet of Ecoposyolok microdistrict: TLeV4s4WccsQwUQe9xChaZfyvXBYL7whsh. This wallet was specially created for tokenizing.

– within 24 hours, the investor receives ECOEC (ECOECTRON) project tokens in his wallet at a cost of 1ECOEC = 0.15ETH (Tron at the rate of 1ECOEC = 10000ECOECTRON)

– the investor’s wallet is entered into the register of investors of the Ecoposyolok microdistrict.

Country Russia
CITY –  Kurgan
The name of the microdistrict is Ladny

area – 22 Ha. Number of plots – 126 (about 15 Ha)
Cadastral numbers – 45:08:030601:503 to 45:08:030601:597 and 45:08:030601:1949 to 45:08:030601:1992
Infrastructure done:
The gas pipeline through all the streets.
Electricity – pylons in the streets. electrification was completed for half of the sections, installation and connection of the gas pipeline – 100%; filling the roadway along the streets – 75%, street lighting – 50%.
Investing (tokenization) in
1. Purchase of land in the ownership of the project;
2. Infrastructure construction: paving streets, landscaping all streets and the buffer zone from the highway, playground, digging and the beach 3. Construction of 126 houses with an area of ​​90-110sq.m. “Full construction”.

INVESTMENT – $ 3.54mln / $ 15 (1ECOEC = 0.075ETH) = 235,900 ECOEC. Profit – $ 969,230

– the investor transfers any amount to Ethereum or Tron wallets specially designed for tokenizing the LADNY (Kurgan) microdistrict 0xd16E0d7D09062d4a971F0773d998c0d5D3ABa10b
– within 24 hours, the investor receives Ethereum or Tron wallet on the project tokens at a cost of 1ECOEC = 0.15ETH (Tron at the rate of 1ECOEC = 10000ECOECTRON)
– the investor’s wallet is entered into the register of investors of LADNY (Kurgan) microdistrict 

project development for 12 months
(Version September 17-18, 2019)

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT ( very briefly):
Construction in the suburbs of each city (each country) of the Ecoposelok microdistrict (at least one) – 250 -500 houses on a plot of 500-1500 sq.m.
Differences from others:
– modern infrastructure, modern construction technologies and maximum environmental friendliness;
– Inside the microdistrict, all services and goods necessary for life will be paid for with 100% of the project tokens.

(Note: ICOs and IEOs did not achieve the objectives for selling the token and obtaining the investments necessary for the construction)

– certain number of ECOEC and ECOECTRON tokens has been allocated to finance the construction of each microdistrict ;
this process is called tokenization – the token buyer pays for one of the project’s official wallets and receives an ECOEC token at the cost of 0.075 ETH i.e. $15 (cost will increase to 0.15 ETH )
– owners of tokens for tokenization are entered in the REGISTER;
– tokens in the REGISTRY have a number of advantages: for them the dividends are paid in ECOEC monthly 15th day of each month, in dollars annually on 1 July each year, for these tokens of their owner can buy a property project at a cost of $15 per token;
– cost on five exchanges where ECOEC is traded on average about 0.0002 ETH
– number of tokens on all exchanges does not exceed 2% of the entire issue of tokens (the main holder of the token issue is the project)
First, it is necessary to reduce the number of tokens received in circulation for free, and then increase the number of tokens purchased at a cost for tokenization (or shares) – this will give a positive growth dynamics of the token value on exchanges.
Upcoming events:
– 3rd round of the ECOTEC token buyers contest from September 17 to September 24.
– To change the rules of the exchange of tokens ECOECTRON on ECOEC and timing of dividend payment tokens ECOECTRON holders ECOEC.

PLAN for further activities:
1-3 months
– conducting IEO on exchanges with its own large community of traders ( for example, – $ 4600)
– listing on exchanges that are on and submitting an application for depositing an ECOEC token
– listing on exchanges through community voting or payment with project tokens ( at the request of our community)
– search for new project investors (token holders) through the media – posting information about the project in media resources ( ideally ), mailing to postal addresses to investors and crypto funds, advertising the project in Google (in China ), etc.
4-6 months
– Creation of a fully-functioning ECONEUARK platform on which the main means of payment for goods and services will be the currency of the country of residence of the project participant and ECOEC and ECOECTRON tokens (transactions will be carried out on the platform to purchase project real estate for tokens, as well as an online store of any goods and services)
– the signing by the project staff in each country of agreements between the project and contracting (trading) organizations that will accept project tokens for partial and full payment for their goods and services;
7-12 months
– creating your own crypto exchange where token holders can become its co-founders (buying a company and licenses in Estonia)
– the purchase of land for the proceeds from the sale of tokens for tokenization in countries where the largest number of token holders and the beginning of the creation of microdistrict.

– search and signing of cooperation agreements with various projects (increase of dividend payments to ECOEC holders with tokens of partner projects)
– expansion of the project community through joint airdrops with the project partners of our project;
– joint tokenization of project objects in the country where the project partner is located (sale of ECOEC tokens and partner tokens for tokenization)
– the work of the project team in social networks to explain the goals, objectives and roadmap of the project, prospects for investors (token holders)
– video conference for project participants (q & a and roadmap) monthly.

– use of project tokens to raise funds for charity (environmental) events (for example, raising a submarine with ASGARD ECO FUND )


Project team

Шелехов Сергей

Shelekhov Sergey

Chief consultant
Entrepreneur with 27 years of experience. Founder and CEO of six companies and many projects

Maxim Dobrynin

SMM manager
Social networks, design, content, targeted advertising (VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki).
Kovalzhin Evgeny

Kovalzhin Evgeny

Investor and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the field of marketing and consulting. He is also a successful leader with 5 years of experience in the MLM industry with more than 5,000 of subordinates. Founder and SEO of iNetworkInternationalGroup and CashbackNetworks. Certified business coach and motivational speaker.
Vasily Sharuev

Vasily Sharuev

Founder and Director of SvetToch LLC. He received his first higher education in Religion Studies in St. Petersburg State University of Arts, received a second higher education in RANEPA. Barrow on signs of jurisprudence. Partner of the project First Eco-claster since 2011.
Nikolay Obletsov

Nikolay Obletsov

Honored Builder of Russia. Experienced specialist in finances. The head of the Tyumen branch of First Eco-cluster project.
Boris Medvedev

Boris Medvedev

Engineer, head of the company and partner of the ESTO project (Energy Saving Technologies and Equipment), specialist in alternative energy field.
Victor Belov

Victor Belov

Investor, consultant of the project First Eco-cluster.
Alexey Borisov

Alexey Borisov

Graduated building specialist. An experienced organizer, expert and entrepreneur with many years of experience.
Maksimov Ilya

Maksimov Ilya

Deputy General Director of LLC "First floor". Construction, repair.

Plaksin Dmitry

Technical advizor for the implementation of ECONEUARK platform. Certified blockchain developer.

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